Sunday, June 08, 2008

Off topic.!.!.

So yes it has been a week since I have posted...and I am just as disappointed as you must be :) Last week my dad and I worked fifteen hours a day in order to complete a restaurant remodel in four days. We actually went from 11 pm sunday night to 4 pm friday afternoon when the restaurant opened again for business...It was an extremely fun week, very exhilarating and fast paced, but there was no reading! No worries, I have taken it up again and Empress will be done in no time. I know this is a pointless note, but it is important! Its just sad to have two weekly favs next to eachother with nothing in between... There is something wrong about it, like a pb&j without the tasty tongue smackin stuff...just bread.

Happy to be back,

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