Friday, May 02, 2008

The Golden Compass--Movie

So getting ditched by my girlfriend is usually pretty sad, and yesterday when she called to tell me that I wouldn't be graced with her beauty that evening, I was sad. I had been looking forward to watching The Golden Compass with her, actually I waited all day. So I decided not to wait anymore, and I watched the DVD by myself last night. It was sweeeet! The movie was so funny at times, and cute, and well done I thought. Not all that action packed, but a strong story, and it was just perfect for making me smile. I just added The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman. Just in case you haven't seen the Golden Compass, I added a trailer for you :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Enchanter's End Game Book Review

Enchanter’s End Game
The Belgariad Book 5
David Eddings

Most of the first half of the book is occupied by the Battle of Thull Mardu, where Ce’Nedra’s mighty army fights the Angaraks and the Murgos. Their goal is to allow Anheg’s fleet time to get to the ocean, unmolested by the approaching troops. In the meantime, Garion, Silk and Belgarath are on the final journey to Kal Zakath in order to kill Kal Torak with the sword of Riva.

As with most series-ending stories, Enchanter’s End Game was completely irresistible. Again David Eddings uses a strong foundation and various viewpoints in his writing to develop a beautiful conclusion to his already noteworthy series. Enchanter’s End Game is Eddings at his best.

Each book in this series is better than the last. I loved Pawn of Prophecy for the sense of simple honesty, and I love Enchanter’s End Game for the well developed conclusion. The series structure is simple really; Eddings just started out small, and let it grow. It is that growth, in these beloved characters that is so enticing; we like to see change in people, just as much as we like to see good triumph. The Belgariad is a fast paced, well developed story, one worthy of reading with your friends and families.


Note: This review is somewhat small because I feel like I’ve already said what I need to in the past four Belgariad Reviews: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit, Castle of Wizardry. So check out the other reviews, and if something is lacking, let me know.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Castle of Wizardry Book Review

Castle of Wizardry
The Belgariad Book 4
David Eddings

In book three of The Belgariad, Garion and crew rescue the orb, and an infant from the hands of the evil grolim Ctuchik. Now, in book four, they journey to Riva, for Princess Ce’Nedra’s sixteenth birthday. The princess is not too pleased to be heading toward Riva, but Polgara is adamant in forcing her to comply with the Accords of Vo Mimbra. Also, there is a new addition to the gang. The ulgo Relg has found a match, Taiba, the only known survivor of the Marag civilization. Constantly she tempts him with her seductive curves, continuously bombarding his religious barriers.

In the meantime, Polgara is totally incapacitated by her careful administration to her near dead father. There is a need for some authority, and while Silk is the obvious candidate, he follows character by avoiding as much responsibility as possible. Instead of taking charge, he gives the power to Garion. It is a good way for him to learn how to handle power, in case a time comes when he is called to lead. The path to Riva is replete with twists, turns, and hidden dangers, but it is Riva that holds the biggest surprise.

David Eddings doesn’t disappoint with Castle of Wizardry. I enjoyed it more than the previous three books, because of the new writing elements. Eddings waited until this book, 70% through The Belariad, to introduce different character viewpoints. I love it. The foundation he built with the first three is sound, and now the ability to see Garion through others eyes is more than valuable.

It makes sense to me now why the omnibus version of the series groups the first three books together and then the last two books together. They are written in a total different style. David Eddings made a risky move in adding multiple viewpoints, and it definitely paid off. Castle of Wizardry is a structural masterpiece, completely gripping.


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