Thursday, April 03, 2008

Small Favor Book Review

Small Favor is the tenth book in Jim Butcher’s popular series, the Dresden Files. The plot for each book in the series is pretty similar; sure the conflicts have different names and new magic, but in all of them Harry Dresden gets assaulted, doesn’t know anything about his opponent, and takes an abnormal amount of beatings while trying to find his enemies. The end is always a well imagined battle, involving lots of luck and assumption on Harry Dresden’s part; he wins the girl, wins the case, and saves his own life. It was no different for Small Favor…

And in truth, I really liked it. The reason Jim Butcher can keep writing books like this is because people like them. It is fun reading about Harry not getting any action, because his girlfriend has been turned into a werewolf--kind of. But seriously, Butcher has a talent for grabbing a reader’s attention, and never letting go. Look at me for example, this is book ten, and I can’t get enough of it.

Although, as far as the series is concerned, Small Favor isn’t my favorite Dresden book. It was a little too hurried and unspecific for me. I like it more when Butcher gets down to the nitty gritty and talks about the magic; for example, in one book he gave a serious explanation as to how Harry was carving his staff with runes in order to give it more power. That kind of stuff is nice to have when the book is full of guns, swords, blown up monsters and wrecked cars. This one just didn’t carry enough specifics for me. It felt like he published it before it was all the way done, and I am kinda-sorta-maybe left wanting something a little more detailed.

All in all, it was worth the read. I finished it in an evening, and I am sure you will make short work of it too. But next time you go to, make sure you leave him a note saying, “I want more of the nitty gritty.”


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