Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turn Coat Release Date and Cover Art

So it is probably well known by now that Turn Coat by Jim Butcher will be released on April 7th of 2009, but this cover art just came out :) The artist Chris McGrath posted it on his website recently, and I just got wind!

My thoughts? I totally dig it. This cover is way more detailed than any of the previous Dresden volumes I've dug into...and I totally dig the sword! Fidelacchius? I don't know. But Butcher is the flippin' bomb for releasing his books one year apart. I mean, every December I get to lose myself in the newest adventures of Tavi and Kitai (Codex Alera), and each spring there is a new Dresden Files. What more can I ask for? Perhaps an ARC for Princeps' Fury :) But we'll see if that ever happens...

1 comment:

Hagelrat said...

love that image, McGrath is fab.

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